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Bacsik & Cavanaugh’s Pre-Show Antics

Jeff Cavanaugh Jeff Cavanaugh
Quality talking points about Jeff Cavanaugh: - Probably the best WR...
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cheer thumb Bacsik & Cavanaughs Pre Show AnticsNFL Cheerleaders

cows Bacsik & Cavanaughs Pre Show AnticsCowboys Cheerleaders

mavs dancers 4 10 10002570231 Bacsik & Cavanaughs Pre Show Antics

Mavs Dancers

victoria thumb Bacsik & Cavanaughs Pre Show Antics

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

dfw Bacsik & Cavanaughs Pre Show AnticsBest Young Athlete In DFW?

Most radio professionals sit quietly, preparing for their show to begin. That’s not G-Bag’s style.

Cavanaugh routinely busts out the air guitar…But today, Bacsik joined in with some impressive dance moves of his own.

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