By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

Enjoy the warm up we will see as we go into the middle of next week.  Because our next Arctic Front arrives late next week.  And it gets cold.  Probably even colder than what we just experienced.

Here’s what is happening.

The cold air is building in northern Canada again.


TX Temp Plot w Contour

That cold air that is building in Canada will be dislodged southward by a building high pressure system over Alaska.

Alaska High

That high will send the cold Arctic air southward into the US.

Alaska High1

The Arctic front will arrive late next week.  And bring back the chill.

Alaska High2

This Arctic Air will likely be colder than the cold weather we have been experiencing this week.  One reason for that is the snow cover.  There is now snow on the ground over more areas than what we saw the last week.  Below is a map showing the snow cover across North America.  When cold Arctic Air flows over snow cover, it doesn’t warm up as fast.  The air stays colder as it moves south.  If there was no snow on the ground, the Arctic Air would modify and warm up as it travels south.

ims2013330 usa When The Next Arctic Blast Arrives In DFW

So the way it looks now, get ready for another surge of Arctic Air by the end of next week.