Just How Rare Is This Early Cold For DFW?

By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry
(credit: Greg Bauchman)

(credit: Greg Bauchman)

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So far thru Dec. 10, we have seen 11 FREEZE DAYS at DFW.  A Freeze Day is when the temperature drops to 32 degrees or colder at any point in the day at DFW.  This is a high number this early in the year.  In fact, our first freeze last year wasn’t until December 10th!

Freeze Fun Facts

Earlier, I posted a look at how this is the coldest stretch of December weather we have seen since 1983.  CLICK HERE FOR THAT INFORMATION

But I thought that number of 11 freezes this early was high.  And was I right!

I can tell you for sure that we will see a freeze on Dec. 11 and on Dec. 12.  So let’s add 2 to the count of 11.

That puts us at 13 FREEZE DAYS by the time we get to Thursday, December 12th.

How rare is that?  Only 5 other times in 114 years of data have we seen so many freezes this early.  The most recent year that has happened was 1959. (scroll down)

Freeze Fun Facts1

Here’s a list of the years and how many freezes we had seen up thru Dec. 12.

1.  1937 – 17 freeze days

2.  1919 – 14 freeze days

3.  1955 – 14 freeze days

4. 1950 – 13 freeze days

5.  1959 – 13 freeze days

6.  2013 – 13 freeze days

7.  1898 – 12 freeze days