By Jeff Ray

Today was the warmest day we’ve enjoyed in north Texas since Dec. 4th, the high reached into the low 60’s.


That’s quite a remarkable temperature when you consider it was 26° this morning at DFW Airport (the official temperature site for our area).

Metro Low Temps Today Auto Plot

The run-up to 61° this afternoon is a jump of 35-degrees, the biggest diurnal increase (from morning low to daytime high) since late October. The above-normal temperature teamed with light winds and brilliant sunshine to produce a wonderful mid-December day. The days are short this time of year, the winter solstice is eight days away but our longest night here in north Texas is actually Tuesday.

It won’t be AS cold tomorrow morning thanks to a modest southwest wind, Monday should start with temperatures just above freezing. Highs should reach into the mid-60’s; not only on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Highs will reach into the 70’s on Thursday as clouds and winds pick up.

The next cold front arrives on Friday, dropping temperatures in the afternoon. By Saturday morning it’ll be in the 40’s with temperatures still dropping into the afternoon.

RPM 12km Temps USRPM 12km Temps USA

At the same time this cold air is coming in a upper-level low will be coming across the desert Southwest. This low will pull Gulf moisture over the top of the shallow cold air already in place. If this sound familiar it’s because this was the same set-up for the last ice event. However, the cold air doesn’t get so far south this time and is not as cold. Right now this is looking like a cold rain that falls on Saturday and Sunday for the metro area. However in our northern counties we could see some sleet and freezing rain.

US FutureCast4 US FutureCast4a

As typical of winter events like this a few degrees make a big difference on road impacts. This is a forecast many days out so it is subject to change. That said, the trend over the last several days in the long-range models is a decrease of the winter threat instead of an increase. Lets hope that trend continues. Below is your extended forecast:

Extended PM