By Andrea Lucia

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Annie Potasznik first noticed the problem with her credit card Friday.

“I tried to buy my dinner and it wouldn’t go through,” she said.

Potasznik, a CBS 11 employee, called Bank of Texas, which told her its fraud department had frozen the account.

Their records show while she was swiping it at Starbucks in Arlington, someone was shopping with it at the Jewel Osco Grocery Store in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

“They said somebody actually walked in and had my information and actually had a card and pretended to be me and made two separate purchases,” she said.

A frequent shopper at Target, Potasznik believes her credit card was among the 40 million compromised in a recent security breach. CBS News has confirmed that the Secret Service is investigating the security breach that may involve stolen credit card and debit card information from potentially millions of Target customers.

“They get the information that’s on your card and then you can easily produce a card like that with the same information,” said Suku Nair, the chair of SMU’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Nair said, if you think you’re a potential victim:

-track your credit card daily

-ask your bank to monitor your card, as well, for any suspicious charge

-request a credit report to stay on top of all accounts in your name

“The best thing to do, if you really know for sure someone is using your card, is just change the card number,” said Nair.

That’s what Potasznik did.

Now she’s waiting for her new card, so she can start spending again.

If you are concerned that you may also be a victim, Target has set up a help line: 866.852.8680

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