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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) — It’s time. No more process for Jason. Red’s run needs to be over.

Advocates of Jason Garrett remaining head coach of the Dallas Cowboys point to these areas:

1) His players never quit (very true AND an accomplishment in today’s pro sports world)
2) Injuries
3) The interference of Jerry Jones hand-picking Garrett’s staff
4)How do you know the replacement will be better?
5) It’s a parity-driven league!!!

I have no argument for #1. I have no earthly idea how Garrett has prevented his players from quitting. It can’t be his motivational tactics given his robotic, boring and uninspiring presence as a speaker. It can’t be fear of punishment since everyone believes the owner calls the shots. Yet after witnessing the Cowboys resolve following the Jerry Brown-Josh Brent tragedy and the most disastrous losses imaginable, the Cowboys responded, and that is a credit to Jason consistently getting his guys to play.

I don’t want to hear about injuries. The Eagles just won the division with their backup QB playing in THIRTEEN games. The Packers just won the NFC North with Aaron Rodgers missing EIGHT games. The Patriots lost Wes Welker and replaced him with an injured Danny Amendola. Aaron Hernandez went to jail and Rob Gronkowski had his 19th surgery. The running game was a mess with Oline injuries and the RB rotation never stopped.

BUT THE COWBOYS HAD DEFENSIVE INJURIES DUMMY!!! Really? By week six, the Pats lost both defensive captains in Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. Oh yeah, each starter in the secondary missed at least one game. They still won 12 games, and they did it in a tougher division.

Jerry’s interference- This isn’t breaking news. This is and always will be part of the package as long as the owner is around. Jason knew what he signed up for. The only current hope for fan-fans is that something scares Jerry into relinquishing some power to a new coach. I know, President Obama has a better chance of being re-elected.

How do we know a replacement would be better?

How do you know he wouldn’t? What do you have to lose?? Even if Garrett got the Cowboys over the 8 win hump, would you ever believe in this group as a Super Bowl threat? Of course not. I’d rather be 6-10 vs 8-8, because at least we’d KNOW things need to be blown up rather than being teased. Instead, we’re left with an old, stale apple that is rotting before our very eyes. The only thing we know about these Cowboys is they’ll continue to smash your heart in ways your great-grandchildren will never believe. The Cowboys are unbelievably believable.

NFL parity- This one drives me insane. YOU ARE THE FREAKING DALLAS COWBOYS. YOU ARE AMERICA’S TEAM. It’s the Yankees, Lakers and you. There is a STANDARD to uphold, and it’s not 8-8. It’s not three straight .500 seasons, it’s not one playoff win since 1998, and it’s damn sure not 136-136 since 1997. You think the Patriots, Ravens or Steelers would settle for this consistent mediocrity? No, because they’re above it and there’s nothing wrong with rejecting average. The lone crime of losing the horrific NFC East is a fireable offense in itself!!

Here’s the scariest part: Contrary to what Jerry says, Garrett’s arrow is not pointing up, it’s stubbornly stuck sideways. Former Cowboys WR Jesse Holley (who played for Jason) helped me realize that Garrett’s lack of accountability and refusal to accept blame isn’t about Jason being robotic and secretive, it’s about Jason being right. Garrett’s “Princeton mentality” doesn’t allow him to be wrong. He’s not going to run and he’s not going to change because he’s the smartest guy in the room and he’ll never deviate from his masterful game plan. If Jason’s weekend plan for a picnic is interrupted by a twister, guess what? The blanket is still getting laid down and the lemonade’s still getting served.

That’s a complete failure to adjust and evolve- 2 things necessary to ANY coach on ANY level.

Jerry and Jason apologists have allowed the Cowboys standard to slip. Players not quitting and NFL parity now qualify you to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys?? I don’t think so. This is about wins and progress, and the Cowboys haven’t shown either in the past three seasons. You can’t point to ONE game where Jason Garrett’s on-field coaching has won a big game, but we can all name the losses.

Jerry Jones comes on New School every Tuesday at 8:15am. Tomorrow I’m asking JJ how he could possibly sell Garrett’s return to fan-fans for 2014? What possible reason could exist to believe next year would be any different than what DFW has already endured?? Growth, improvement, optimism? Nope- sorry Jerry, can’t fall for it anymore. It’s time, the process is over.

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