by CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff JamisonBy Jeff Jamison


What a difference a day makes!  Near 60° Wednesday afternoon and in the 20s this afternoon!  We’ve seen clouds, a lot of wind and frigid wind chills.  It will feel like it’s in the teens for the rest of the night.

Low temperatures will fall to near 20° in the DFW area, but actual temperatures will be in the mid to upper teens in many regions by Friday morning, as the wind dies down.

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Thankfully the sun will come back out by midday Friday, helping us to climb back above freezing and into the 40s.



The chance of snow or other wintry weather for North Texas is very small, largely due to the fact that the air is VERY dry.  Dewpoints are in the single digits below zero!!!  That is bone-dry and means the snow is sublimating (evaporating) before it reaches the ground.  However, there is better moisture for accumulating ice and snow in South Texas and Southeast Texas.  There are WINTER STORM WARNINGS in the Houston area for up to a 1/4″ of ice Friday morning.



The cold weather will be short-lived, thankfully.  As southwest winds take over this weekend, temperatures will climb into the 60s and possibly 70s!!!  Another shot of arctic air arrives Monday, giving us frigid start to next week.

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