NEW YORK CITY (105.3 THE FAN) — Day 2 is the famous “media day”. After a night out grabbing a few beers and a steak, I hit the hay early because the bus to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ left the media center at 7:30 a.m.

I got a good 30 minutes of sleep or so on the bus, and we arrived at 830, even though Media Day didn’t actually begin until 1030.

It was weird, because on the media bus, we had a police escort. The citizens of Newark were on the sidewalks looking at us and pumping their fists and waving as if we were one of the teams in the big game on Sunday. Honestly, that’s the last thing media members need, even more irrational confidence.

I’m technically in the media, but the egos that many of these sports talking heads have is insufferable sometimes. That’s not everyone of course, but as a whole the media tends to think it’s more important than it really is.

After we got off the bus there was a marching band playing music as the media walked into the Prudential Center, again, undoubtedly boosting the ego of the talkers and scribes.

Ben roamed the crowd, while Skin and I went up to the upper concourse to take another nap and try to recharge our sports battery as much as possible. At 1030 the Broncos took the field with Coach Fox, Peyton Manning, and the other big names in the middle of the field, while the spares and reserves did their media availability on the outer realms of the crowd.

The Broncos tended to be pretty serious, many refusing to take part in any hijinx. We didn’t have the luxury of staying for the Seattle media session because we had to get back to the big apple to get ready for our show.

Overall it was a fun success — I think. I saw Regis Philbin, and he’s exactly as old as I imagined. Based on reports from other media members, this year’s session was a little less chaotic, but a little more crowded due to the size of the Prudential Center.

Tonight, the plan is to head out to the media party, but I’m going to try to get a decent amount of sleep, as things will almost undoubtedly heat up and become more chaotic on radio row.

Thanks for listening and checking us out on the Fan Cam as well. Hope you’re enjoying the week as much as I am.

Take care and have a great day. Have the best day.

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