Pothole Problems Costing Fort Worth Drivers

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FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Drivers in Fort Worth say they’ve bounced over one too many potholes in the last several weeks.

Interstate 35W between Keller and downtown Fort Worth has turned into an obstacle course for some drivers.

“I just heard this boom!  It was an explosion!  It was scary,” describes John Stinnett. “I don’t know I thought I maybe hit the side of the road or something.”

Stinnett hit a big pothole Saturday night on his way home from work near Meacham Blvd.

“My tire went from full to flat,” says Stinnett who drives on 35W every day. “It was scary.”

Drivers quickly tap the brakes as they approach one of the bridges with dozens of potholes.

(credit: CBS 11 News)

(credit: CBS 11 News)

The stretch of highway is maintained by North Tarrant Express which is rebuilding the highway.

A spokesperson says crews are working to fix the pothole problem.

Around Fort Worth, mechanics have been busy trying to fix damaged cars and they say the bigger the pothole, the more the cost.

“One, you can blow your tire out.  Two, bend a wheel.  Three, damage numerous suspension,” says George Bean with Lexutech in Fort Worth. “It could get up there in price pretty quick.”

It’s costing Stinnett and his family.

He’s already had to replace one tire and may have to shell out more for another one.

“It’s frustrating because you don’t know when it’s going to get fixed,” says Stinnett. “You don’t know when it will get addressed.”

A spokesperson with North Tarrant Express says some of the bigger potholes were taken care of right after the ice storm back in December.

Crews will be out in the next week to fix the potholes along the rest of the highway.

TXDOT also maintains much of 35W and says since November crews have repaired 1500 potholes district wide costing $65,000 and in Tarrant County more than six hundred potholes have been repaired costing $23,000.

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