By Kevin 'KT' Turner | 105.3 The Fan

NEW YORK CITY (105.3 THE FAN) – Really tired today. The media party was last night and it was awesome. Free food, free drinks, Questlove, bowling, and a ton of media members. I like 4 out of those 5 things. It was a lot of fun, but it has also done some damage to my energy level. I can’t go as hard as I used too I guess.

Ben and Skin woke up early to go check out the Empire State Building. I decided to stay in and try to get an extra hour of sleep. I walked to work for some reason, which is about 14 blocks away from our hotel. Extremely cold of course, about 14 degrees, but the walk actually goes by pretty fast because of how busy the street is.

The streets were different today. More activity. More detours and barricades set up. We knew this day would come, but the city is about to turn into a straight ruckus. The media center was a little more crowded too. I’m not sure what the plan is tonight. I could use a night of laying it low, but that also seems like a waste. If you’re in the city, you might as well party.

Tomorrow is the Bruno Mars halftime show press conference. I need to come up with one offbeat question to ask him. I need something funny. I’ll spend the next 12 hours trying to come up with something good, but I’ll change my mind at the last minute. Wish me luck. Thanks for trucking along with us, and check out the webcam on the site if you want as well. Take care of each other. Peace!

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