RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Adrienne McLean first met Jimmy, after he was dumped at a shelter, as a puppy with ringworm.

“Yes, this is a dog someone rejected,” she said.

She still laughs looking back on the pictures of him.

“Boy, he was weird looking,” she said.

Something about the disheveled mutt caught her attention, though.

“His foster parent said he wore the other dogs out, he made up his own games, and he was one of the smartest dog she’d ever fostered,” she said.

McLean began training Jimmy for agility competitions, where he’d jump and weave through obstacle courses.

“He was amazing,” she said.

The reject, it turned out, was a champion.

“This the bling, the agility bling,” said McLean, pointing to a wall of ribbons.

He’s won so many awards, she’s stopped putting many of them up.

But there’s one more she won’t be able to resist.

For more than a century, mixed breed dogs, like Jimmy, haven’t qualified in the most prestigious contest of all, the Westminster Dog Show.

This year, the show opened its doors to dogs of all kinds in its brand new agility competition.

Jimmy was one of 16 mutts chosen to compete against purebreds, and he quickly became a celebrity.

His picture appears in the latest edition of People magazine and national news programs featured him in stories.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I be walking, literally on Broadway, and have a total stranger come up and say, ‘Is that Jimmy?’ That was pretty amazing,” said McLean.

Jimmy put on a good show in New York this past Saturday.

He didn’t win, but McLean was happy to see him, a dog once overlooked now shining in the limelight.

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