By Jeff Ray

And suddenly it was like Spring again…

North Texas in the winter time can provide some dramatic temperature swings. As we started the previous work week we had ice on the roads and daytime highs barely above freezing. In the morning wind chills were in the single digits. But by Thursday the warm weather started to return for the first time this month; the last four days have logged above-normal afternoon highs. These are the first four of February. The first day of the month had a MORNING high of 65°, by that afternoon it was in the 40’s and still dropping. It seems like it’s been cold since then. That is, until we got to the end of this week:


Another day in the 70’s tomorrow. In fact, lets just get this out of the way. We are forecasting highs in the 70’s for the entire work week ahead:

Extended PM

This will be the longest run of 70-plus degree weather since late October of 2013.  It’ll be warm but rain chances are very, very low. That’s not such good news, especially when you look how the new year is starting in regards to rainfall amounts. We’ve had less than an inch so far, worrisome beginnings to a new year when you consider the last four in a row have logged deficit rainfall amounts. Since 2010 the DFW area is -29.10″ of rainfall short of the 30-year average for that time period. That’s closing in on a whole year of rainfall that is missing (yearly average is 36.14″)


Back to the current weather. Tonight the humidity will leap up as moisture from the south comes in. This will likely produce some patchy fog for the metro area by tomorrow morning; to our west over in Brown and Comanche county we could get some thick fog (the forecast model is likely over playing it a bit and showing “zero” visibility by 6:00am)

NTX Fog FutureCast

The low clouds will break by late morning, afternoon highs will again reach into the 70’s:

NTX Tomorrow Highs

The dewpoints will continue to rise overnight into Monday morning ahead of a pacific cold front (cooler air but not cold air).  This will likely produce a thick deck of low clouds but I believe the winds will be too strong to have much in fog. Heading into the Monday morning the dewpoints will get as high as they have been this month and close to the highest they’ve been all winter.

RPM 12km Dewpoints Wide

As the cold front comes through on Monday morning it might provide enough lift to get a few showers going east of the metro area. Most areas will just get some drizzle:

NTX Rain Chances1

Once the clouds clear behind the front will again get into the low 70’s for President’s Day.

After Monday morning we are not expecting much in rain until next weekend; right now Sunday is looking like the better chance. We’ll keep you posted.