KELLER (CBS 11 NEWS) – Another round today in the debate over the current state law on open carrying was taken to Keller.

A group of protestors sounded off on laws they say are outdated and illegal by performing an “open carry walk.”

“I just want to say God bless Texas and God bless the 2nd amendment,” one demonstrator said.

It’s in that spirit that dozens of 2nd Amendment right supporters took to the streets in Keller with their long barreled guns strapped to their backs, and on full display.

“Most people don’t realize that it’s legal to open carry a long gun,” another demonstrator explained.

But it is, however, illegal to open carry a handgun in Texas. Only concealed carry of a handgun is allowed with proper licensing.

Now, they’re hoping movements like this one will extend the same privilege to those carrying handguns.

It’s those kinds of restrictions the group known as “open carry Texas” wants to do away with.

“That means you being able to carry concealed or open without any kinds of rules or regulations. No license. Your license is basically the constitution, the second amendment,” supporter Mark Thomas said.

Thomas is running for a Texas senate seat and is building his platform around that idea. Others who came out to see the rally though, have a different opinion.

One man said he feels like open carry of handguns will make people feel uncomfortable.

The contention for both sides is what they perceive to be their right; One side believes it’s their right to exercise the 2nd amendment free of restrictions, while others don’t feel the same.

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