NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – Mark Cuban never misses a trip to Madison Square Garden, where he has been known to entertain the masses through engaging a scraggily crew of recorder-toting media types in pregame dialogue.

On Monday night, Cuban weighed in on the biggest story in the NBA of the past 24 hours, one that he believes already has run its course: the Nets signing openly gay player Jason Collins to a 10-day contract.

“I think it’s no big deal and that’s exactly the way it should be,” Cuban said before the Mavericks played the reeling Knicks at MSG. “He’s been playing in the league forever. The guy’s known. As long as they get their ass kicked in the playoffs, that’s all I care about.”

On the Collins phenomenon, Cuban continued, “At some point it becomes something to talk about, and now there’s nothing to talk about. Moving on.”

But Collins’ preseason announcement that he is gay, and the Nets’ decision to sign him to a 10-day contract on Sunday, has drawn commentary from all over the sports world. Surely, it is a big story and there is lots to talk about. No?

“That’s just the way it works,” Cuban said. “It was [a big deal] until it isn’t, and now it’s not. Next. Nothing more to talk about. I mean, I don’t give a [expletive] about a guy’s sexuality. Period, end of story.”

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