By Will Brinson | NFL Writer for

(CBS SPORTS) – Barry Switzer ain’t scared to share his opinion. And so when asked about Johnny Manziel, he got exceptionally real with his words, calling the former Texas A&M quarterback an “arrogant little prick.”

Switzer, appearing on CBS Sports Radio 920 AM in St. Louis on Wednesday morning, said that he doesn’t care for Manziel’s “antics” and said he’s “embarrassed himself.”

I’m gonna tell you. I said Johnny Manziel is … I don’t like his antics. I think he’s an arrogant little prick,” Switzer said. “I’ve said that and I’ll say it again. He’s a privileged kid, he’s embarrassed himself, he’s embarrassed his teammates, his program. He’s embarrassed his coach. And they’ll all have to defend him because they have to coach. I know that. I spent 40 years in the damn game so I know how it works.”


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