By Jeff Ray

Yes, after two days in a row of 80° weather you’ll walk outside Sunday afternoon into a wind chill in the teens. The roller coaster of north Texas weather continues:

weather plummeting Winter Marches In

It’s a 50-degree drop from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. If you go by “feel-like” it’ll be closer to a 70°drop. Here is the hour-by-hour march downward:


Around midnight  temperatures in the metroplex will still be around 60°; that’ll be the “official high” for the day. The even bigger news is that morning rain/storms will turn into afternoon sleet/freezing rain presenting a slew of possible travel problems. The worst of it will be north of the metroplex but the risk of slippery bridges/overpasses exists for the largest parts of the population centers. Colder air will be across Young to Collin counties by mid-morning. This makes the possibility of accumulating ice much higher; perhaps as much as .10″ of an inch. Slippery roads would result.

NTX Rain Chances11

There might be enough freezing rain/sleet for the metro area to cover elevated surfaces by the afternoon into evening (which could still be in place overnight as temperatures plunge down to the teens)

NTX Rain Chances12

With the very cold air in place over north Texas and very warm air just south the dynamics coud be right for some thundersleet; basically a thunderstorm that drops heavy amounts of sleet in a brief time. We’ll have to watch out for this possibility over the afternoon- if the metroplex gets hit with this it’ll make for rapidly worsening road conditions:

NTX Rain Chances14

Across our southeast counties there is a risk of severe weather across the afternoon into early evening. Large hail  and heavy rain would be possible:

NTX Rain Chances13

Scott Padgett will be in the CBS11 Weather Center staring in the early morning to start our continuous coverage of this winter event. Don’t get stuck out there: by afternoon the temperatures will be at or below freezing with wind chills in the teens:

NTX Tom Highs Manual

And it gets even colder. By Monday morning we’ll likely have wind chills in the NEGATIVE numbers. Get ready to dress those kids like Eskimos!


Here is your extended forecast. There is a slight risk of some light sleet/freezing rain on Tuesday morning. Lets get through tomorrow and we’ll talk more about that.

Extended PM