I completely understand Ian Kinsler’s feelings.

He and his very close friends (Michael Young and Josh Hamilton) were sent away one by one, and he feels he was lied to and brutally stabbed in the back while given the opportunity to compete for World Championships.

I completely understand Nolan Ryan supporters as well. We’ll never get over how a Texas native icon was “forced out” by some young stat nerd from the Northeast.

However, I’m taking the Michael Young approach. I learned alot from Young. How to be politically correct all the time, how to grind away everyday and do whatever you can for the team.

When it comes down to season time, it’s back to baseball and that’s all that matters.

Over the last three years Michael Young had one issue or another with the front office. But when Spring Training started, that all went out the window and he said it was time for him to learn the position expected of him and go to work.

As a fan, I’m #TeamRangers all the way, not pro JD or even anti-JD. Right now, I am #TeamRangers.

So if JD is in fact a “sleazeball” I say he’s my sleazeball.

Look, I can’t spend the entire season what-iffing and second guessing every move JD made/makes. I trust Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, I think they are owners that want exactly what Jerry Jones has. They want a successful business that makes money. The best way to do that is put a quality product on the field, and to say the least, last year’s team was not up to par. Sounds weird to say about a team with more than 90 wins.

Either way, I circle the wagons in hopes of a World Series win. And if that means I have to do it with a general manager who makes very shrewd business decisions, so be it. We all have the same common goal to win.

Young never appeared to let his emotions about the front office change the way he played, so I’ll take that lesson from him. I won’t let the front office decisions or personalities change the way I follow and root for my squad.

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