By Jeff Ray

A WIND ADVISORY is in effect until 1:00 this afternoon for all of north Texas. The strongest winds will occur across the early morning hours:


These winds arrived behind a powerful cold front that swept across the metroplex during the late evening yesterday. Those 40-45mph wind gusts overnight might have awoke you from your sleep:

TX FutureCast 12km Winds

Tuesday the afternoon high reached 86° at DFW airport, the warmest day so far this year. The winds are now from the northwest and that means a much cooler day is in store for us.  Just compare today’s forecast to yesterday’s temperatures at the same time of day:

Temperatre Compare

Highs will be almost 30° colder. The winds will be strong all morning but should die down by afternoon

TX FutureCast 12km Winds1 TX FutureCast 12km Winds2

We are setting up for a cold night. Cold but not freezing (at least for most of north Texas):

NTX Today_TNT Temps1

This is the time of year when we can try to stop relax about freezing temperatures getting to our flowers and new plantings. The average last freeze date is tomorrow:

It’s difficult to let go of the idea that we’ll face yet another freeze this season. In 2013 the last one didn’t occur until March 26th. We also have more freezes this season than any since 1977-1978:


We’ll have the winds turn to the southwest tomorrow afternoon. That should bring the highs up into the upper 60’s:

Texas Skycast Wide AMa

We have a little bit of rain in the forecast this weekend; only a 20% chance for Saturday and Sunday:

Extended AM

We could certainly use the rain now that drought has returned to most of Texas and the state-wide water reservoirs are the lowest at this time of year than they’ve been since 1990.

Its been a dry year so far, one of the driest starts in the last 70 years:

Rain So Far This Year