Technically we are still in winter. But the weather hasn’t been able to make up its mind 🙂 One day feels like spring the next requires us to turn on the heater and put on the heavy coats.

People are often asking me to share my recipes because A) I am into healthy eating as a lifestyle and B) because we in the news biz, like so many of you, don’t have time to mess around in the kitchen for hours! Because of this, and the fact that Turkey Day is my FAVORITE holiday of the year, I used some of my favorite flavors to cook up a soup that is hearty, comfort food that is light enough to have any day of the year. (Especially when you might still be trying to burn off that post-holiday poundage.)

Plus, it only takes me about 15 minutes to cook this soup. For this, I am truly grateful.



– 1 medium sweet potato (sliced into half moons or diced, skin on)

– 1/2 bunch of fresh organic kale

– 1 carton of turkey or vegetable broth (I get low sodium, non GMO, healthy stuff)

– 2 green onions or 1 shallot or 1/4 cup white onion (whatever you’re preference)

– 1 handful of whole or crushed pecans

– 2 small or one large red or brown tomato (I am now IN LOVE with Kumato)


Brown onions or shallots in a pan with a teaspoon of canola or coconut oil. Once they brown add pecans until they too are a bit toasty.

Add your broth to the pan to avoid burning everything. Throw in the diced sweet potato and cook until the pieces are tender (not soft). As that is heating, cut up your kale into bite size pieces and remove stems. Throw these in the pot. you want them sweet potato again to not get too mushy. If you like your kale softer, throw it into the pot either before or at the same time as the potato.

Note: My intention for this soup though is that you DON’T cook the mess out of the veggies. The goal is to retain more of their nutrients.

You can tell when it’s done because the sweet potato and broth are starting to take on that same golden color. Pour into bowls and top with fresh, diced tomato as garnish. I like to add some of the green from the onion at the very top. It makes it feel more fresh and spring-like! This will help you enjoy veggies again!


I don’t put meat in mine usually, but for more hearty soup, add some Italian turkey sausage. YUM.

For even more time efficiency, if you aren’t “anti-microwave,” you can zap the sweet potato for a few minutes, slice it up and add it last in the soup pot. Or purchase pre-sliced in the prep section of your favorite grocery store.

Let me know how yours turned out! Tweet me @AdrienneCBS11.

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