FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials at Texas Christian University will be conducting a test of the school’s emergency alert system on Tuesday afternoon. The tests are a necessary procedure designed to ensure that the system, called TCU Alert, would behave properly should the need arise.

TCU Alert consists of several parts, all of which will be tested on Tuesday. Campus speaker systems — both indoor and outdoor — will be checked. The university’s website will also switch over to a more simplified ‘light page’ that can easily accomodate greater amounts of web traffic.

But the test that most people will notice is the mass notification system, which will send emails, text messages, mobile phone calls and land line calls to anyone registered in the school’s database. All methods will be tested at the same time, so messages will likely appear simultaneously across multiple platforms. Recipients must reply using one of the methods to confirm that they have received the test without issue. Those who do not reply will continue to receive test messages.

TCU Alert is tested a few times each year. Click here to read more information about the system and the testing process.

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