By Jack Fink

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are still plenty of questions remaining after Tuesday afternoon’s traffic mess along LBJ Freeway in Dallas. Cars were heading in every direction as police officers tried to wrangle drivers. The area was filled with chaos and confusion, and everyone is now turning to the Dallas Police Department for answers.

Some drivers who were stuck in the bizarre scene near Audelia Road said that it was police officers who caused all of the mess.

But the incident first started with a multi-vehicle crash. That led officers to shut down LBJ Freeway for about 30 minutes on Tuesday. While the freeway was closed, stuck drivers became frustrated. Some cars started turning in the opposite direction, heading the wrong way along the highway to escape the standstill.

Eventually, cars were turned in every which way seeking freedom from the backup.

Some of those drivers who were caught in the mess said that, while they were certainly angry, they did not take matters into their own hands. They blamed police officers at the scene for creating the unnecessary confusion.

“It was a police officer,” recalled one Dallas driver. “His cruiser was stopped in the HOV lane. Then, there was another officer walking down the middle of the four-way lane, and he was motioning for the drivers to turn around.”

“We noticed that there was an 18-wheeler coming down toward us,” stated another Dallas driver, “so then another police officer came and told us to turn around again. So, then everybody was turning around to go back east on 635, so it was just total chaos.”

The Dallas Police Department released a statement about the incident on Wednesday afternoon, claiming that motorists “unwilling to wait until the collisions could be cleared, took it upon themselves to go against the flow of traffic.” However, police did also admit that “one well-intentioned officer” directed drivers up a closed ramp.

Amazingly, there were no additional wrecks as a result of this confusion, and no reports of any injuries.

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