DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) — Newly appointed NFL Player’s Association President Eric Winston has heard the rumors surrounding an expanded 18-game season. According to him, it’s simply not happening.

“It’s a health and safety issue. We’re not going to budge from health and safety issues,” said Winston on 105.3 The Fan’s New School Thursday morning. “We just consider them non-negotiable. The 18 games for me has always been a non-starter, and I know it always has been for everyone else. The guys aren’t interested in it and they don’t want to do it. I don’t see the benefit in it.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has long been a proponent of expanding the season by reducing the number of games played in the preseason. But Winston’s stance, one that the NFLPA has been consistent with in recent years, is firm.

The players are, however, willing to at least consider expanding the postseason.

Commissioner Goodell says the possibility of adding two teams to the playoffs (from 12 to 14) will “continue to get serious consideration.”

“The postseason is different — I don’t group them together,” said Winston. “With that said, I want to make sure I get this out there because some people like to change words around. I think we’d all be interested in seeing a proposal on something like that.”

Before the NFLPA would agree to such a deal, Winston says a number of details would need to be considered. For instance, how would the additional revenue be split?

Winston also responded to recent rule changes banning football “dunking” and trash talking.

Winston, a nine-year veteran offensive lineman who played for Arizona in 2013, is still without a team for 2014. But his new role as President of the NFLPA hasn’t killed his aspirations on the field.

“I’m still looking to play; I’m still excited about playing with someone next year. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully something happens sooner or later…we’ll see how it goes.”

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