KAUFMAN (CBSDFW.COM) – Eighty-five year old Wyvonne McLelland is still overcome with grief.  “You just think about the good things, all the things you did, you had fun.”
One year ago, her son Mike, the Kaufman County District Attorney, and his wife Cynthia were shot and killed at their home.
McLelland says, “You just get by, and try not to think, and when you think, that’s when you get problems. Just like now. But he was a loving family person.”
All she has left  are her son’s old photos and awards, along with the flag that draped his coffin.
McLelland says, “My son was a good man. He was a Christian.” He was a major in the army who went on to become an attorney, and elected DA.
She says, “He was thrilled to become District Attorney. That was his life ambition.”
A former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace, Eric Williams and his ex-wife Kim are now charged with capital murder in the deaths of the McLellands and then assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. Both Eric and Kim have pleaded not guilty, and have declined comment.
Sources tell CBS-11 that Kim has been cooperating in the case. Legal experts say they believe she is trying to save herself from the death penalty.
McLelland says she hopes not.  “Whatever he gets, she gets.”
She says she wants Kim to receive the death penalty just as much as Eric. “They left my son and my daughter-in-law there to bleed to death all day long. No one knew anything about it.  To me, they’d have no life.  Maybe, it’d be better for them to stay in the pen, and look at four walls, but that wouldn’t punish them.”
When asked what message she has for the Williams, McLelland said, “I have no message at all.  I’d love to go up and smack him on the jaw, I really would.  But that’s not  possible, so.”
Before their murders, the District Attorney and Hasse prosecuted, and a jury convicted Eric Williams for stealing county equipment.
Mrs. McLelland says, “He’s still a thief, by robbing people of their lives.”

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