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ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) — I got absolutely destroyed the other night for jinxing the Rangers on accident.

In our show prep, I saw the Rangers were bringing in Neal Cotts while they had a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the eighth inning.

“Cotts never gives up any runs,” I said. “We’ve got this game in the bag.”

Colby told me to knock on wood.

Kevin asked why I would do that.

I didn’t believe I jinxed them.

Suddenly David Ortiz hit a homerun and the Red Sox won 4-2, and the entire room was staring at me. Then we went on air and Colby and Kevin accused me of cursing the team in that game. All of a sudden, all of the fan texters were against me.

Here are some of the sample texts.

I used to like Cory. Now I hate him more than Kevin

It’s ALL your fault Cory

You Jinxed us man don’t go to your car tonight

Colby even convinced people you could hear the exact moment I said what I said because Steve Busby said on the FSSW call “And it’s foul.….No it’s a homerun.”


I still don’t believe I have that power. But then I made a compliment to Kari Lehtonen — the Stars net minder.

Next thing I know, Tim Thomas is starting in goal and the Stars lose 3-1.

So I started thinking back to some of the things I’ve said before bad things happen in sports and here is a small list.

In 2006 with my future wife in the apartment with me I said “Dirk’s gonna miss this free throw.” He did.

Then I said “He’s gonna miss this one too.” He did.

Then I said “We’re going to lose this series. F!”

The Mavs were swept the rest of the way out of the 2006 NBA Finals and suffered the most gut-wrenching championship loss in DFW history.

That was until 2011 and Game 6 of the World Series.

Standing with the General Gavin Dawson in a bar he said “I’m going to pull my phone out and get some epic video here.”

I said over a massive crowd of anxious Rangers fans.

“Neftali is about to strike this son of a B!@#$% out.”

Right then a pitch was lofted into right field and Nelson Cruz went into Rangers infamy. Rangers lose the World Series to the Cardinals. UMMMM.

I even take us back to 2008. While working at a newspaper, a girl I was covering scored four goals in one game. I wrote the game story and then a big headline on the front page of our sports section that read ‘Holden On Fire.’

That night her house was literally struck by lightening and burned to the ground. (No, really)

I said Josh Hamilton would leave the Rangers. And I said that Lamar Odom would be a Trojan Horse sent to the Mavs by the Lakers to destroy the Mavs from within.

Is all of this coincidental, or do I have the force strong within?

I don’t know, but I’m afraid to talk before anymore pitches this year. Whether a jinx or a reverse jinx, I don’t want to crush any dreams.

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