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A simple request from the New York police department backfires in a big way. NYPD put out a call on Twitter for photos of citizens with police officers.

Here’s the original tweet — and the kind of picture the department was hoping to get.

They were hoping to get pictures of citizens posing and smiling with cops.

Instead, they got a lot of pictures like this:


These tweets are just a sample, Twitter was flooded with these images and they were trending nationwide.

A spokesperson for the department says the uncensored and open dialogue was good for the city.


Very few women can say they’ve been crowned as the world’s “most beautiful” by People Magazine.

We learned today that the annual award goes to Lupita N’yongo — who earned an Oscar in for her performance in this year’s Best Picture “12 Years A Slave.”

She said in an interview that when she was young, light skin and long, flowing hair were the only images she saw on TV, so she’s happy that little girls today can see a different example of beauty.


Nine years ago, the first video was posted to YouTube.

The video stars one of You-Tube’s co-founders, Jawed Karim and lasts just 18 seconds long.

It was taken in front of the elephants at the San Diego Zoo.

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