NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The current superintendent of Prime Prep Academy, the school founded by former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders is asking the FBI to look into prior spending at the school. Superintendent Rob Price said he suspects federal money earmarked for their 300 students was used improperly.

Price visited with FBI representatives for two hours Wednesday to talk about his concerns.

“There were some dollars misspent and we’re here to address those issues in regard to the children of Prime Prep and we just want to make sure people are accountable for what they did to these children,” said Price.

He wouldn’t tell CBS 11 News the specific allegations he brought to the FBI.

However, sources told CBS 11 News the school now believes as many as 400 computers bought with federal money didn’t go to the children but instead were sold for profit.

“We’re trying to get to the bottom of it,” Price said of accounting for the missing computers. “But, I’d say you’re in the right ballpark.”

Sources also showed CBS 11 News an audit they said has caught the eye of accountants.

They said there are questions about how more than $1/2 million earmarked for student meals was spent.

Additionally, more than $200,000 in food bills are unpaid and more money may be missing. The same source said there were reports of students sometimes having only meals of cheese sandwiches.

Price said he hopes the FBI follows up on his visit.

“We expect people who are in the law enforcement community to hold folks accountable for what they’ve done to children,” Price said.

Sanders, sent CBS 11 News the following text:

“We are thankful to have new qualified principals, teachers and administrators as of January. The past is the past with Prime Prep. My vision for the school and these kids is being fulfilled and we’re extremely excited about our present and future.”

The former superintendent of the school, Rachel Sanders (not related to Deion) was contacted for comment but has not replied.

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