FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Parents of students at Caprock Elementary are on alert after a possible attempted abduction Tuesday. It happened at the intersection of Hollow Valley and Timberland Boulevard, just a block off school property in far north Fort Worth.

“It’s really scary to think about it,” said Courtney Krieg, whose two children attend Caprock Elementary. Krieg found out about the incident via Faceook.  “And I talked to my son about it.   And told him, basically, ‘Run away if you don’t know who it is.'”

The school sent a letter home to parents on Wednesday stating that a child was approached by a stranger while walking home from school. Despite the brazenness of the come-on, the quick-thinking young boy averted what could have been a tragedy. The alleged abductor slowed down and told the child that his mom was sick and that he should get in the car with him. But the boy ran from away from the car all the way home and told his mother what happened.

Sharon Jones lives on the corner where the man tried to coax the elementary student into his car. “I see a lot of parents with their infants walk on the corner to wait for their children to come home,” Jones said.  Jones’ granddaughter usually takes a bus home but stayed late for a function Wednesday. Jones said she stood vigil and waited for her. “What I did was I raised the garage door and kind of went out and made sure she walked home and she got home safe.”

The alleged abductor is described as a white male in his 20s and he was driving a black or blue four-door truck.

The school district’s director of safety and security says news of an incident has put a plan in motion.

“We get a couple of these a year,” said Kevin Kinney. The plan includes what he calls a “safe corridor,” where Keller ISD marked units patrol the walkways children use. “They will ride corridors back and forth, avenues in which students will walk to go to school and go back home.  They will also patrol neighborhoods and surrounding neighborhoods along with the Fort Worth Police Department.”

Fort Worth Police said the boy did the right thing by running away from someone he didn’t know.

The letter below is what Caprock Elementary School parents received:

Dear Caprock Elementary School Parents and Guardians,
In an effort to keep you informed about safety issues in our community, we want to make you aware of a recent incident near Caprock Elementary.
On Tuesday, May 13, a parent reported that her child, a student at Caprock Elementary, was approached by a stranger while walking home from school at Hollow Valley and Timberland Blvd. The man slowed down and told the child that his mom was sick and that he should get in the car with him. The child ran from the car and the car did not follow him.
The alleged abductor was described as a white male in his twenties and he was driving a black or blue four-door car. The police have been notified and Keller ISD will have the “Safe Corridor” in place to provide an additional measure of protection and safety for students as they travel to and from school.
As with any time we receive a report like this, we encourage you to remind your student about safety. Here are some useful safety tips for you to discuss with your child:
Never talk to a stranger. If a stranger tries to talk to you, run away. If the stranger follows you, continue running and yell, “Stranger! Danger!” Tell a trusted grown-up immediately.
Walk to and from school in groups.
Never accept a ride without first getting permission from your parents.
Never take shortcuts. Always stick to the route you have agreed on with your parents, and stay on main roads.
Leave home with change or a calling card for phone calls. It is free to call 911 from a pay phone.
Never let people know if you are going home alone. If you wear a house key, keep it under your clothing.
Have your parent help you make a list of safe places you can go for help along walking routes.
Never leave school with anyone without checking with school officials.
* Some of these tips were taken from the Run*Yell*Tell, Ltd. anti-victimization program founded by Diana Jones, a national leader for child safety issues.
At Caprock Elementary School, student safety is our top priority. If you have questions regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to call me at 817-744-3050 or visit our office.

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