The San Antonio Spurs may have won game one of the NBA Finals, but Lebroning has won over the Internet!

Lebron James made an early exit from game one of last night’s NBA finals — with a bad case of cramps

He sat on the bench grimacing and even had to be carried off the court, as temperatures in AT&T Stadium topped 90 degrees because of a broken air conditioner.

The heat lost the game 110 to 95 — and King James was teased online for his absence.

Twitter is full of pictures of basketball fans “Lebroning,” being carried of by others.

Notice a lot of these pictures have one thing in common, they are Spurs fans!


A bride and groom give their first dance a hip-hop spin.

This California couple skipped the traditional spin across the dance floor, instead choosing to perform a mini-concert for their guests.

They started off with a little Salt N Pepa, mixed in some Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber, and TI.

They even threw in some dance moves. Their hip hop mashup lasted 8 minutes.

LA + Reggie – Rap from Gavin Holt on Vimeo.