By Jeff Ray

Here is a look at total rainfall over the state of Texas over the last two weeks:

Rainfall last two weeks

Yellow represents 2″ of rain or more, dark yellow 3″, orange 4″ light red 5″. Some good rains fell over the panhandle of Texas and across our southern half here in north Texas. The heaviest rain fell in east Texas. This is what you would expect; the southeastern edge of the state (around Beaumont) averages about 56″ of rain a year. Go to the western edge of our viewing area into Stephens and Jack counties and you’ll find an average rainfall of about 28″.

Yesterday the U.S. Drought Monitor updated our drought conditions. About 69% of the state is in some level of drought, 23% in “Extreme” or “Exceptional” drought.¬† Three months ago 27% of the state were in these last two (and highest) classification of drought so recent rainfall has helped the situation a little.

Drought Wide View

Here is how north Texas looks:

Drought Tx View

Tarrant, Denton and most of Johnson and Collin¬†Counties are still classified in “Extreme” drought. All our counties west of that line are the same. “Exceptional” drought reaches into Palo Pinto, Young and Stephens counties. All of north Texas is considered still in drought condition.

For the year DFW is still a full 9.6″ BELOW NORMAL. We have a long way to go before we catch up.

-Jeff Ray