Why are rain chances in the forecast? Isn’t this the time of year where we don’t see rain very often?

That is usually the case where rain is hard to come by this late in June. But the upper level pattern is not a typical one. Usually our weather this time of year is dominated by an upper level high pressure system which brings us hot and dry weather. Well the high is not with us this week. It has broken into two.  One piece sitting over the Gulf of Mexico.  The other near the Baja Peninsula.

That has allowed several weak disturbances to move into the southern Plains. These weak disturbances are hard to time and track. So pinpointing timing of rain is virtually impossible outside of a 24-hour window. But what it does mean, is that rain chances will stay in the forecast until the high pressure reestablishes itself overhead. That won’t happen until the second half of the weekend.

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So there is a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms overnight for area mainly south of DFW.  A stalled out front will likely be the focus point for storms to redevelop early tomorrow morning.  In some locations, storms will redevelop before the sun comes up.

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This front will also serve as the location to where the best rain chances will be during the day on Tuesday.

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Rain chances do go up on Wednesday.  Rain chances also stay in the forecast for the next several days.



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