by CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff JamisonBy Jeff Jamison

Tuesday’s scattered thunderstorms produced some very heavy rainfall in localized pockets.  We could see that play out again this afternoon.  We still have a very soupy atmosphere, very tropical with dewpoints in the 70s!  That muggy air is the fuel we need to drive t’storms, but we also need a colder pocket of air aloft to aid in rising air, which is the prerequisite for storms.  We have that too, an upper disturbance is moving east/southeast out of the Texas Panhandle.

Here’s what our Hi-Res RPM computer model looks like this afternoon.

2014 06 25 1025 Scattered Downpours Likely Again This Afternoon


And here’s what the HRRR model shows

2014 06 25 1025 001 Scattered Downpours Likely Again This Afternoon

The storms will be randomly placed and scattered about North Texas.  Storms will send out some outflow boundaries as cooler air rushes out from the storms.  These act like mini cold fronts and help to generate lift for more storms to form.  It is difficult to know where these boundaries will set up until closer in to the event.  So everyone should be weather-aware today, with the biggest threat being FLASH FLOODING yet again if a heavy storm sits over an area like we saw yesterday in Fort Worth.

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~Jeff J.