FORT WORTH, TX (CBSDFW.COM) – It was a scene repeated in several cities where streets turned into rivers.  Car after car was caught in rising water.  In some cases, first responders even had to rescue drivers.

Preston Newberry didn’t have a chance to do much of anything.  His family’s SUV quickly flooded right in front of their house in South Fort Worth.

“I thought it was going to float away,” says Newberry “There was actually waves in places I’ve never seen waves in a suburban neighborhood before.”

Lone Star Bavarian in Fort Worth is seeing mother nature’s aftermath.

“We have this one that came in, she actually drove into high water,” says Trent Cole with Lone Star Bavarian, pointing to a BMW that was flooded “We had another client, her car was in the 7th street area and did fill up with water.”

Cole’s advice, don’t restart your car even if you drive into high water and your car dies.

“For most people when their car has been flooded the first thing they want to do is get into it and start it and see if everything is working and that’s actually the opposite of what you should do.” explains Cole “As soon as you turn that key you are sending power to all sorts of control units and now that we’ve got water in those control units, that becomes a power to ground short and it’s going to burn up just about everything that has electronics in it.”

Here are 7 tips from Lone Star Bavarian that could help you if you hit a newly formed river:

  • If you don’t submarine while driving, do not try to start it
  • If you are driving and end up in high water and the vehicle dies, do not try to restart
  • Get your vehicle to a repair facility immediately
  • As quickly as possible everything that has gotten wet needs to be removed from the vehicle and dried out
  • The engine will need to have the spark plugs removed and then spun over to force out any water that has collected
  • Check the gear boxes
  • Don’t expect your insurance company to know how to handle flooded cars

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