There have been showers and thunderstorms in the area today.  Most of the activity is shifting to areas around Waco and south.

There will be a small chance (10%) of a few showers and light rain thru the early evening.


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Love This Cooler Weather!

It is not very often you have a north wind in July.  Let alone temperatures in the 70s and 80s at 3pm!  This cooler weather is thanks to a front that has sagged south of DFW.  That has allowed a north wind to arrive.  The cloud cover and rain in the area has kept temperatures really comfortable.

NTX Temp Plot

NTX Wind Speed



Radar loop.


Some areas did pick up a nice rain today.  Here’s a look at some of the rainfall totals.

NTX Rainfall Totals Plot


Good rainfall totals for some of our CBS 11 Weather Watchers.

WWN Rainfall List


Fourth of July Forecast:

Most of the day will be quiet on Friday.  I can’t rule out a few isolated showers and thunderstorms, but coverage should be low.  And any rain that is out there should fizzle out before fireworks start Friday evening.

July4th Forecast