By Jeff Ray

For the first time in two days we DID NOT break a record low of some kind. We came within one degree of tying a record low and one degree of tying a record “max-min” (coldest high) however:

Almanac PM

That makes three days in a row of afternoon highs in the 70’s. That hasn’t happened at the official weather sites of DFW since 1938 and only once before that in 1905.

Sunshine broke out west to east as the afternoon went on, by early evening skies were mostly clear. We had temperatures in 90’s on our western edge in Young and Stephens counties. They stayed in the 70’s all day from the center of the Metroplex to the east:

WWN Hottest Temps WWN Hottest Temps 2

It’ll be another very cool morning on Sunday with the skies clearing. Not record lows but very comfortable:

NTX Overnight Lows Manual

We snap back to July starting tomorrow mid-day. This will come as a little bit of shock returning to normal summer temperatures. For the last three days it has felt more like mid-October. The next three days will feel like it should for time of year:



Summer of 2007

We get even hotter. High pressure is building up over the southwest and central plains over the next four days.

500mb Energy EURO2 500mb Energy EURO1

This means the return to hot and dry weather. Despite the great rains of late we are right back to drought problems. We are still in the top ten driest starts to a year on record:

Rain So Far This Year

Area lakes show the dry spell:

Lake Levels Auto CSV Lake Levels Auto CSV2

And the air conditioners will turn back on by late morning tomorrow. It looks like they’ll be doing a lot of work into next weekend. Our daytime highs will become our overnight lows.

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