After a nice, cool treat this weekend, our temps are climbing back to average for mid to late July. There is some fog across NTX this morning but not enough for a dense fog advisory.

NTX Visibility Plot

Temperatures have warmed back to near average this AM but in some spots are cooler. You will notice the humidity this morning and today will be back to hot with temps warming to near our average high of 96°

Metro Temp Plot AM_FtWorth_Skycast4D_Afternoon_Early Evening

Not much in the way of rain is in the forecast until Wednesday Night and Thursday. We are under the influence of an area of high pressure in the upper levels that is centered over NM this morning. I am watching a cold front and upper level low that will skirt the east sides of the high pressure and bring a small chance of rain into the forecast toward the mid week. Rain chances only will increase to 20% Wednesday to Thursday.

FutureCast GFS PRECIP FutureCast GFS PRECIP1 NTX Rain Chances11 NTX Rain Chances1

Not much of a cool down is in the forecast or even a cool down at all. Temps remain near 100° this week and into the weekend. Find the frozen lemonade and stay cool!

Extended AM