By Jeff Ray

We hit 100° for a high today at DFW. That makes the third time this year we had a daytime high in the triple-digits. Makes us realize how much we DON’T miss 2011:

100 Degree Days to Date Compare

The 100° days will continue, we’ll likely have three in a row. Prepare yourself for the weekend; as prepare to have shade, water, sunblock and a nearby pool/lake:
NTX Tomorrows Highs NTX Tomorrows Highs1

As been the theme this summer the heat is not to stick around. We have a pair of cold fronts to arrive next week; one on Monday and one on Wednesday. They will drop the temperatures and bring rain chances:
Temperatre Compare

The best rain chances look to be on Thursday. If the forecast above holds this will be the coolest July (which ends next Thursday) since 2007.

Here is the extended showing those rain chances. They start on Monday and go to Thursday:

Extended PM