By Jeff Ray

CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff Jamison has warned us of the heat in weekend ahead:

Weekend Forecast

If the numbers are reached for daytime highs these would be our third and fourth 100+ days of the year (if it doesn’t happen today: the forecast is for 99°).

This is the last weekend of July and we are getting into the heart of the Texas summer heat statistically speaking. Look at the distribution of 100 ° days since 2000. August is the torch bearer of that psychological break point of what we call “hot” here in north Texas:

100 Degree Days Since 2000

In fact all the other months since 2000 have produced almost the same number of triple-digit highs we’ve suffered in August:

100 Degree Days Since 2000a

Odds continue to be in our favor we end up with a “below-normal” summer in regards to temperatures. Typically we get eighteen (18) 100° days  a year at DFW and after this weekend we’ll have only four.  This weather pattern you see below is one we’ve seen off and on since the start of winter last year. A cold winter across the Great Lakes has morphed into a cool summer. Hot and dry conditions have dominated southern California and the desert of southwest.


These deep upper-air troughs over the northeast continue to bring in significant shots of cool weather. This happened a last week with DFW recorded three days-in-a-row of 70’s for daily highs in July. That hadn’t happened since 1938. By next week we’ll enjoy another round of heat-busting cold fronts.

Larry Mowry and I will have more about the heat dangers this weekend in the evening shows on CBS11 News. See you then!

-Jeff Ray

CBS 11 News meteorologist Jeff Ray prepares his weather forecast. (credit: Phil Stauskas/KTVT/KTXA)

(credit: Phil Stauskas/KTVT/KTXA)