By Shan Shariff | 105.3 The Fan

OXNARD (105.3 THE FAN) — We drunk dialed Troy Aikman Thursday night after Mike Fisher said #8 was better than John Elway. Did I mention the word drunk?

— Zack Martin is the man. Not only did he call Roy White creepy, he taught me enough offensive line technique to dominate RDub Friday morning at Cowboys camp. (Watch here!)

— We confirmed that Tyrone Crawford is African-Canadian.

— Dez Bryant thinks chili messes with his 6-pack.

— JJ Wilcox says it is he, NOT Barry Church, who is the best bowler on the Boys. He also labeled BW Webb as the “pig” eater in the secondary.

— LOVE the demeanor from rookie DeMarcus Lawrence. In order to test his true nastiness, I told him he chewed his gum like a dummy and wore his hat stupid. He asked me if I would line up against him. Convo over.

— Linebacker Cameron Lawrence wears Lululemon = #ManCard Violation??

— Shamu cannot consume cold cuts faster than RJ Choppy. (Video proof!)

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