By RJ Choppy | 105.3 The Fan

OXNARD (105.3 THE FAN) — This isn’t the Oxnard I know.

I’ve been coming to Cowboys camp for almost a decade — be it Oxnard or San Antonio — and I can’t ever remember it being this hot out here.

This is expected in Wichita Falls, Austin, DFW — but not here.

The crazy thing is that it’s not even 80 out, but it feels like 97. I blame all this on California and their Eco-Friendly BS they’ve been spouting.

The sun is way worse this year than in past years, because there’s a lack of cloud cover. I noticed it flying in when the Native Los Angeleno mentioned how clear it was.

No smog means warmer, more direct sun — which means it’s hotter than blazes out here.

They don’t call it smog here, they call it a Marine Layer, which is just a fancy word for pollution. I think…I can’t be sure.

Get rid of your Prius’ and Hybrid Hyundai’s, and Dag Nabbitt, let’s get that thick frosty layer of goodness back in the Cali skies.

Because I forgot sunscreen…

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