By Kevin 'KT' Turner

105.3 THE FAN — Look, this Bud Light Beach House is awesome. There’s not a bad word you could say about it. It’s amazing, and I’m overwhelmed.

I’m not one to complain, but so far we’re off to a bad start at Oxnard.

Yesterday our designated flight to Oxnard was delayed….and then delayed some more….and then cancelled. Then, after traveling to a new terminal to board another flight, we were stuck on the runway for about an hour before taking off due to “elevator problems” on a plane.

The point is that our 11:30 a.m flight to LAX, ended up getting pushed back so far that we hit the ground in LA at about 8pm central time — 4 or 5 hours after we were supposed to land. That caused us to miss the Sunday evening Cowboys practice, which is really important because the Cowboys have no practice today (Monday).

There was a glimmer of hope though. We had booked Bear Grylls for the show — a top 5 dude on Ben’s bucket list of guests. This is cool, we’ll make due….until we received word that Bear Grylls is canceling on us. This is the 2nd time in a year that Grylls has flaked out, and I’m here to tell you that Ben is not in a good state of mind right now. Earlier, he was walking out towards the ocean. You have to remember, that Ben is scared of sharks. We had to run out and stop him from walking until the tide took him under.

photo6 Ben Rattled By Bad Start In Oxnard

Skin, Fish, engineer Ted-Nichols Payne, and I are now constantly keeping tabs on Ben’s whereabouts just to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy. He’s got a third floor room in the beach house, and I saw him contemplating dark thoughts on the balcony just hours ago.

Stay tuned, as the drama unfolds here at the Bud Light Beach House. There’s big plans for crazy bits and huge name guests, but for now we’ve just gotta make sure we get over this Bear Grylls hump.

Thanks for listening to the Ben and Skin show and to 105.3 The Fan. We’ll keep you in the loop of all the craziness happening here in Oxnard at the Bud Light Beach House.

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