By Jeff Ray

Not a record low this morning but one in the 60’s with some fog and heavy dew. A nice morning to be outside in the summer time:



At 3pm temperatures were still below 90°. ANY day in the first week of August that stays out of the 100° range is good news of late. Just take a look at the last four years at DFW in regards to the first seven days of what is our hottest month of the year. One hundred percent of the time it’s been over a 100:

First Seven Days Aug

Those first five days in 2011 set record highs for the day. So it’s a little payback in our favor this Saturday from mother nature, a cooler August day. Here were the temperatures at 3pm:

NTX Temp Plot2

We expecting low 90’s tomorrow in the Metroplex along with mostly sunny skies and dry weather.

NTX Tomorrows Highs

In the extended forecast we don’t see much in rain chances sorry to say. The dry weather of 2014 continues despite the monster rains in isolated areas this summer:

Rainfall Last Seven Months

All those months above produced below normal rainfall for their perspective month. That makes the first seven of the year, something we haven’t seen in a lifetime:

Dry Months In a Row

I’ll have the full forecast for you at 6pm tonight and again at 10pm. What is a better chance of seeing next in the metro area: a hundred degree day or some rain?

-Jeff Ray

CBS 11 News meteorologist Jeff Ray prepares his weather forecast. (credit: Phil Stauskas/KTVT/KTXA)

(credit: Phil Stauskas/KTVT/KTXA)