The Warm-up Will Be Televised

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The official high at DFW today was 90°, the coolest August 2nd in about 20 years:

Cool July Day

Our Weather Watcher Network reported highs in the 80’s in many of the backyards:

WWN DailyHigh

We’ll take 90° for a high when you think about the Aug. 2nd weather of late at DFW. It includes one a couple of years ago where it hit 110°- we’ve only been that hot about three times in the last decade:
Last Five Years

A VERY slow-moving low pressure system is making its way to the Gulf coast. As it pulls further away its influence becomes less. We’ll still have a northeast wind tomorrow but we’ll be a few degrees warmer. We’ll have some morning clouds and temperatures in the low 70’s but it’ll clear and warm quickly:


The upper-air pattern is starting to look more like the hottest time of year for us. A high pressure ridge building over the southwest will slowly move overhead of us. This means hot and dry weather, very typical for August:


500mb Energy EURO2 Ten Day Graph

Here’s your extended forecast. It is not only getting hot it is staying dry:

Extended PM

Tropical Storm Bertha will curve away from the east coast and not be a threat other than a riptide threat on the beach and fishing/shipping traffic:

Tropical Tracker Scene Master