Just seeing a bear in your neighborhood would be enough to freak most people out!

Couple that with the idea of seeing a bear walking on his hind legs down your street.

Ian Bohman posted a video taken in Jefferson Township, New Jersey at 5-50 Monday morning.

The video shows the bear walking on upright for a minute and a half.

It almost looks too human to be real.

Another video, posted Tuesday night on Facebook by John Leyden from Green Pond, NJ, gives a better look at the bear. Leyden comments that it looks like the bears front right paw is broken or deformed, which may explain the bear’s behavior.


Akron may be throwing a welcome home party for LeBron James tomorrow, but not everyone has open arms for the hoops superstar.

Some not so happy Miami fans have paid for a billboard in Akron which reads, “You’re welcome, LeBron, Love Miami.”

There’s been a lot of talk that LeBron didn’t publicly thank Miami fans when announcing his return to Cleveland — even though he did post a thank you on Instagram.

CBS Sports tweeted out a photo of the billboard and pointed out the font used.

It’s Comic Sans, the same font Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert used to write his scathing letter to LeBron when he left for Miami four years ago.


Meanwhile, LeBron joined another sports superstar in the same place and it all played out on social media.

One of James first public appearances in Ohio was on the sidelines of Cleveland browns training camp.

James brought his two sons and some high school buddies to watch Cleveland’s other superstar Johnny Manziel.

It’s probably the first time since camp started that someone else was able to steal most of the media attention.

Of course, there were plenty of folks tweeting about the moment when Manziel and James shared a quick conversation after practice.


A photographer is finding himself in a heated legal battle over a selfie snapped by a monkey.

David J. Slater says the monkey swiped his phone and took several photos while he was in on an Indonesian island back in 2011.

Fast forward to today, and Slater is fighting to get the website Wikimedia Commons to take the photos down.

He says people are downloading it from there and using it for free — which is costing him tens of thousands of dollars.

Wikimedia posted a statement on the site, which reads, “This file is in the public domain because as the work of a non-human animal, it has no human author in whom copyright is vested.”

Slater says he plans to sue.


NBA player Metta World Peace is changing his name — again.

Because one name no one understands is not enough — metta world peace — also known as ron artest — will now also be known by another name.

He is playing basketball in china this season for the sichuan blue whales — and he wanted to change his name to reflect the chinese culture.

He sent out a tweet at the beginning of the month announcing the change:

So what’s the new name? A Chinese paper reported it will be “Panda Friend.”

He cleared everything up this afternoon with this tweet: