Guns, explosions, violence and testosterone … It’s a recipe The Expendables 3 cooks to an edible state. In the third installment of The Expendables franchise, Barney (Sylvester Stallone) recruits a group of youngsters with a taste for action to take down Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), a founding member of the Expendables turned arms trader.

Although The Expendables 3 barely quenches the viewer’s thirst for over-the-top scenes of action-filled adrenaline, it’s the taste of dialogue that will leave most with a sour face.

Despite the lovable performance of Antonio Banderas and the intense tone uttered from Harrison Ford, the remaining members of The Expendables 3 try desperately to hide their forced one-liners and painful After School Special scenes behind the vail of excess violence.

UFC badass Ronda Rousey makes her film debut and although she has a billion-dollar body and a million-dollar smile, Rousey barely brings a roll of quarters to the acting fight.

The 4th wall is demolished in several scenes including Wesley Snipes joking about tax evasion imprisonment and Kelsey Grammer intoxicated while piloting a personal plane. These scenes bring a few half-crooked grins to the mouth of movie watchers while other interactions will supply an endless amount of eye rolls. However, this movie is NOT about the script.

The Expendables 3 brings a level of carnage that recent action movies have failed to achieve. Unfortunately, The Expendables 3 lacks the one crucial element that made action movie franchises like Rambo a staple of DVD collections from red-blooded males … and that’s blood. With a run time of over two hours, you’ll be lucky to collect a red Solo cup full.

Nevertheless, The Expendables 3 delivers the thrill of not only a quality shoot-em-up blow-em-up movie to extend the franchise to a decent trilogy, but the excitement of seeing almost every mainstream action star in one place … for now.

The franchise will release a fourth movie with Pierce Bronson and even a FIFTH movie which has me asking … Is The Expendables franchise worth being expandable?

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