By Jeff Ray

We had strong afternoon storms develop right over the Metroplex this afternoon. A 53mph wind gust hit Love Field, dropping the temperature from 99° to 80° in rapid order. On the main web page you can find stories on the storm damage reported in and around the Dallas area from the strong winds and lightning.

The heaviest rain appeared to fall across northern Dallas Co:


A few early reports from our Weather Watchers as of early evening. We’ll have more later tonight:

WWN Quad Rainfall 1

Before the outflow boundaries (and later light rain) hit the DFW airport it hit 101°, the 12th triple-digit high of the season:

August Special

In 2011 by August 16th we had already logged a staggering 50 100° days.

Our Weather Watcher Network reported plenty of 100°plus numbers for highs:

WWN DailyHigh WWN DailyHigh 2

I don’t expect a 100° tomorrow. We should have some storms/rain around tomorrow morning, stuff that actually starts overnight to our west and moves overhead:

NTX FutureCast

By afternoon we should again see storms quickly develop in the daytime heating. Just like today these storms could produce very strong winds in and around the cells. The coverage will likely be a little more widespread than today:

NTX FutureCast1

We have storm chance Monday and Tuesday as well before it really starts to dry out over north Texas. The long range outlook for the 3rd week of August shows more heat over Texas and the eastern half of the United States:

Temps Aug 22 - 26

Meanwhile the Hurricane season in the Atlantic is off to its slowest start since 2000. He appears that the activity is picking up as we see three tropical waves moving off to the west; the season peaks right around Labor Day (16 days away):

Here is the extended. Since we entered the new century almost half of all the 100° days at DFW have happened in August.

Extended PM