Providing health care to individuals is a goal for many. Providing it to third world countries is the career goal of Alyssia Sloan.

The daughter of missionaries, as a child Sloan served as a translator to doctors and dentists in Mexico. As a teenager, she was put to work helping in the local medical and dental clinics.

(Photo Courtesy of Alyssia Sloan)

(Photo Courtesy of Alyssia Sloan)

As a fast learner with a positive personality, Sloan has been motivated to learn as much as she can. She graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a bachelor’s in biology and a minor in chemistry.

Sloan could be considered a natural-born leader. This world traveler speaks three languages fluently (English, Spanish and Korean) and has been an English teacher in China, Korea and El Salvador and a lab researcher in Bangladesh.

Witnessing the way doctors work, she could see that in order for her to do the work she really wants to do in helping others, she would need an advanced degree.

With an impressive list of life experiences backing her, Sloan enjoys sharing and learning and is currently studying to take the GRE with the hope of applying to schools to earn her master’s in biomedical sciences with a focus on women’s health.

“Plans, I don’t have plans. I have a rough draft,” said Sloan, who is hoping to sit for the GRE in October and then go to Tanzania in December to be part of medical volunteer program that helps students expand their experience in health care before she applies to schools for her Master’s degree.

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