By Jeff Ray

We are expecting a triple-digit high this afternoon, our 14th of the year. We average about 18 a year:


Going back to school on Monday? It just might be the hottest school day of the 2014/2015 year:


The reason I say that? Well we don’t have 100° weather in the forecast the rest of the week or into Labor Day Weekend. We you look at the last 30 years at DFW by August 23rd we have averaged about 18 days where the high reached 100° or higher. After August 23rd we’ve averaged about 3.4 days.

August 100 Days

In the forecast it is getting better (unless you are a fan of the hot and dry weather). We have temperatures going down and rain chances going up:

Temp Rain Trend Temp Rain TrendA

High pressure sitting over Louisian is keeping our skies clear and our temperatures hot. It will slide into the Tennessee Valley over the next couple of days. This brings in afternoon storm chances by Tuesday as the humidity increases:

TX SatRad Master1a

The best rain chances will occur when a cold front runs into this tropical air mass. That could happen Thursday night or Friday. Big rains could result in what is already the wettest month of the year for us so far:

TX SatRad Master1

Tropical Storm Christobal formed today. The forecast is for it to be a Category One hurricane off the east coast of Florida by mid-week. We’ll see if it threatens the Labor Day holiday for the east coast.

Tropical Tracker Scene Master

Here is your extended forecast:

Extended PM