DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There were some frightening moments for a kindergarten student who attends Ebby Halliday Elementary School in Dallas. The 5-year-old got on the wrong bus at the end of the school day on Wednesday.

The child’s mother is especially upset because according to her school administrators seemed indifferent and told her “it happens.”

Five-year-old Xavier was a little nervous starting his first days of kindergarten. Things had been going pretty good until “I got on the wrong bus,” he said.

Xavier said when he noticed he was on the wrong bus he told the driver and eventually ended up back at his elementary school.

His mom, Kerri Dial, is more than a little upset because she thinks administrators aren’t taking the incident seriously.

“I could only imagine if he got off the bus somewhere… and my child would be lost.”

Dial said someone from the school called while she was at work. While the call from the school official concerned her, it was the sounds she heard in the background that frightened her. “I could hear him in the back crying and she [school official] said, ‘so, can someone come pick him up?’”

A Dallas Independent School District spokesperson told CBS 11 News the district has more than 30,000 students who ride the bus everyday and that the first week of school always has a few hiccups.

Dial views their attitude as nonchalant. “He’s only 5-years-old and they’re basically saying, ‘unfortunately we may put your child on the wrong bus’ and that’s it. They said they’ve had a couple of mix-ups since school started. These are peoples children.”

Dial said, that like other students, Xavier wears a thick colored band that shows he rides an “orange” bus. He ended up on a “yellow” bus instead. The concerned mother said the wristband system had always worked for her daughter.

As for the mix-up with her son, Dial says she wants more from the school. “First, an apology would be nice. And second, to give the parents some kind of comfort that this won’t happen again.”

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