By Jeff Ray

Temperatures will continue to creep up for Labor Day. Yesterday at DFW it hit 94°, today it hit 95°, Labor Day Monday it looks to reach even higher:


We’ll again have a nice breezy during the afternoon but it’ll require some shade or a large body of water to keep the heat away tomorrow.

We are expecting dry weather tomorrow. The chance of afternoon storms is less than 10% and confined to the southeast corner.

There is a little bit of a wild card in the 48hr forecast. Right now a broad low pressure system sits  over the Yucatan Peninsula. It is expected to move into the Bay of Campeche and start to organize:

Long Range_Precip2

This will likely develop into a tropical depression Monday as it moves WNW toward the Mexico coast. If it can strengthen rapidly enough it should be able to push a deep moisture field into north Texas on Tuesday. This could get some afternoon storms going in the daytime heating:

Long Range_Precip3

Right now we’ll put it at a meager 10% storm chance and hope for the rain. Not much has happened in the Atlantic hurricane season so far; three named storms and only about 70% of normal activity. Over the last 100 years he peak of the Atlantic Hurricane season is Sept. 10th.

NTX Rain ChancesTue

Here is your extended forecast. It now looks like a weak cold front will make it into north Texas next weekend. That would bring good rain chances and a break in the heat:

Extended PM CSV