By Jeff Ray

It’s been a week of rain across north Texas, 12 or the last 13 days  registered measurable rain at DFW Airport.

Temperatre Compare

We awoke this morning to clouds and light rain this morning. Your hour-by-hour forecast shows highs in the low 80’s. It’ll be humid but afternoon storms will crop up again:


Rainfall amounts for the most part will be modest, certainly higher amounts will show over the isolated T’storms we are expecting. The higher coverage of the storms looks to be east and southeast of the Metro:

NTX Futurecast Precip Accum    TX Rain ChancesSAT2 TX Rain ChancesSAT1

A cold front is pushing thru north Texas later today. It’ll fire up some storms along the Red River by afternoon. Those storms will likely diminish by the time they reach Fort Worth and Dallas:

AM_NTX FutureCast AM_NTX FutureCast1

The slow-moving upper-low that has plagued our area is going to weaken and drift south. With it’s exit from central Texas and a cold front coming thru we finally start to dry out:

500mb Energy GFS   500mb Energy GFS1

No rain in the forecast up to Friday. This looks to be the driest run of weather we’ve had since the first week of April:

INT - Extended AM CSV